Our Journey, from the wild forest to your product

We consider ourselves to be a family of people and businesses leading the way to supplying consistent, quality, products from the Amazon in a sustainable manner. Our aim is to become certiļ¬ed for social responsibility purposes as a Certified B Corporation company.

Stand up for Small Farmers and Big Change

Our values have guided us to Europe where the drive towards sustainability and a willingness to change the world of food for the better have become powerful forces for positive change. The high standards in this market have given us a great incentive to become better in our own business.

Changing lives through sustainable farming of nutritional ingredients. Making a positive difference to the evolving ecology of the forest and consumers worldwide.

In a number of years we have grown to become the European market’s leading supplier of Amazonian superfoods and are proud to count among our customers the best of Industry and HORECA businesses.

We look forward to building on our success. Our passionate product know-how and intimate market knowledge are at your disposal to add value to your business and products.